Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is it just me or are we all tired.

    I had said many times before that its not something you can catch. But today my view has changed. At work they call me loafy i don't get it. I was never one to stand around at the water fountain talking to everyone about the game or stupid stuff who cares if penny's sold out of a particular pump. No i have a job to do and always on time { ha ha } things do slow down when you hit 49 but is it that noticeable. I work a second job and they said they noticed to. So whats the problem they are young and fast when they want to be when the boss is near. I have caught them loafing also why did i get this curse. The boss will say let one of the other guys do it, what i wasn't loafing i was working on it. Does everyone notice the transition what a bite. But the guys are not there when the mops are handed out why do they get to loaf.

    Its spring now and everything is new not me. Why cant we shed are skins and start over plenty of bugs do and snakes. Who has caught a snake loafing they all do and no one cares its not fair. Sure i like to relax why rub it in you are probably the same way. No i wasn't sleeping in the bathroom. Maybe most of us should take medicine to keep from loafing maybe some do just don't get caught with it. Beer makes me a jolly good fellow but loafing to the point of passing out really makes the wife mad,  you think she would cheer me on. My motto is out of sight out of mind { meaning they don't think to look for you}. IF your so much faster than me i can go home where i wanted to be to begin with back to bed. Things come to those who wait that's a lie you get older start loafing more and if it did come are way we would be to smart to get involved, i was in the bathroom that's my story and im sticking to it. Mark aka loafy.